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  • Helen Latz

Is Your Dog Ball Obsessed?

Do you stand launching the ball back and forth for ages and then wonder why they’re just not tired when you get home? This high energy exercise is simply pumping your dog full of adrenaline and making them MORE hyper, creating an adrenaline junky! It’s also no good for their joints and the risk of injury is far greater. Do you find that they struggle to rest when they get home? This is because their arousal levels are through the roof…. What goes up, must come down! This low-level game of “find it” is a great way to use a ball, using your dog’s most powerful tool - their nose! It’s very rewarding, builds confidence, releases endorphins, keeps those arousal levels down and it also protects their joints. Ten minutes of sniffing is the equivalent of one hours walk!! Mental enrichment at its best #wainwrightscanineacademy #happy #love #dogs #dogtraining #dogtrainer #imdt #dtc

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