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  • Helen Latz

Did You Know?

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Lovely one on one fun with Leo. The outside world can be very stressful for this boy so it's very important to have access to things that help to build his confidence, keep him calm and decompress his worried brain. Did you know it can take a dog up to 72 hours to decompress? All dogs have what we call an arousal bucket and when it overflows or gets pretty full they struggle to learn new things and can react in a very irrational way. It's our job to empty that bucket and bring them back down to earth again so they can think more clearly. As part of the packages on offer you'll learn ways to help your dog to decompress much quicker and see the world with an optimistic point of view. Look at his smile! #dogtraining #dogtrainer #confidence #youvegotafriendinme #calmness #fun #decompress

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