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  • Helen Latz

Let's Talk ACE-Freework!

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

​Let’s talk ACE free work… this exercise can be done with any dog and it is SO mentally enriching. It encourages the dog to use their natural senses and allows them to explore freely giving them access to the main 3 things that help them to remain calm and relaxed - sniffing, licking, chewing. It’s a HUGE confidence builder and can really help to reduce anxiety. Choice is everything with this, so there is zero coaxing. You just simply sit back and enjoy watching them explore, I could honestly watch dogs do this for hours - just look at that happy tail. This activity can also help you to assess your dogs posture and movement. I cannot recommend it enough #wainwrightscanineacademy #happy #love #dogs #dogtraining #dogtrainer #dogtrainersofinstagram #imdt #acefreework #mentalenrichment

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